Confidentiality Policy

Here at Soffnn Pvt Ltd. (Soffnn), we make sure to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s information. Here are some key features of confidentiality policy that apply to all our users.

1- We make sure not to disclose any information about our clients to the 3rd parties.

2- We at Soffnn do not use our client’s identity or brand for marketing purpose.

3- We never provide the client’s name and information to any prospective clients.

4- We never sell or disclose client’s identity to any 3rd party.

Confidentiality agreement :-

It is understood that Soffnn’s client may provide certain information. All this information is kept confidential. To protect your information, and preserve data, it is agreed that :-

1- The confidential information to be disclosed may be addressed as business information related to proprietary ideas, inventory ideas, trade secrets, patent searches, and many more.

2- Soffnn never discloses any confidential information within the organization. It is only done until and unless the law requires it.

3- This agreement imposes no obligations on Soffnn.

4- This agreement also means that the entire agreement is between Soffnn and its client. Any changes made to this agreement must make in writing.

5- If any provisions are found to be unenforceable, then the remainder shall be as full as possible

6- You are entirely liable for any damage made to us directly indirectly due to any unauthorized activities.