Privacy Policy

The privacy is totally based on how Soffnn Pvt Ltd. (Soffnn) collects, maintains, and discloses your information. The privacy policy applied to the website is as follows :-

Personal identification information :-

Soffnn may collect your personal information in a lot of ways. It is not limited when a user visits our site, registers, and places an order connected with any other activities. The user accessing the website shall provide appropriate information such as name, mail address, mailing address, phone number, etc. however, the users can also anonymously visit our website. We will only collect information if they voluntarily provide us.

Non-personal identification information :-

Soffnn may collect any non-personal information from any user when they visit our site. This information includes browser names, type of device, technical data on user's means of connection, OS, IP, and many more.

Web browser cookies :-

Soffnn may use the user's cookies to enhance the user's experience. The user's web browser usually places the cookies on the hard drive. The users may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies.

How Soffnn use the collected data? :-

We use the collected data for the following purpose :-

1- Improve customer service

2- Personalize user experience

3- Improve our website

4- For the processing of payments

5- To run a promotion

6- To send you emails at a various time interval

How does Soffnn protect your information?

We take all the measures to protect your data against unauthorized access. The sensitive data exchange between the user and us happens over an SSL secured communication channel; our site also meets all the PCI's vulnerable standards. That assures the complete safety of your data.

Sharing your information :-

Soffnn may use any third party in a role to complete a process. In such a case, we may share your personal information with these third parties for limited use.

Google AdSense :-

Google may serve some of the ads based on the website users visit regularly. It only uses your cookies. It does not access your personal information such as name, address, mailing address, or physical address.

Compliance with children's online privacy protection :-

Soffnn never collects any details of the children who are below 13 years. And essentially no parts of our website attract kids.

Change to the privacy policy :-

Soffnn holds all rights to change any part of the privacy policy. On visiting our website, you accept all those modifications made by us. So, we encourage our users to review the privacy policy from time to time.