Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This Website is controlled and operated by Soffnn Pvt Ltd (Soffnn). On visiting our Website and obtaining the data that we present, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions. You adhere to all the following terms and conditions stated in the user agreement policy.

We keep all the rights to change the user agreement policy from time to time. We can also change the policy without any notice. You acknowledge and agree that you have to review this user agreement to get familiar with the modifications. Your continued visit to our Website after such changes constitutes agreement to the modified terms and conditions.

Responsible Use and Conduct :-

1) To access some of our resources, you have to provide information such as identification, email, phone number, contact details, and whatever is needed to use the resources. You agree that the information that you provide to us is accurate and up-to-date.

2) You are responsible for the confidentiality of the login data of an account used to obtain our services. You are also liable for any kind of action that occurs under your account.

3) Obtaining any resources by any means other than the means provided by us is strictly forbidden. Most specifically, you agree not to access any of our resources in any unethical way.

4) Keeping yourself involved in any kind of activity that harms our resources is strictly forbidden. You are strictly prohibited from disrupting our servers, networks to which our resources are connected.

5) Any attempt to copy, duplicate, or reproduce our resources is strictly prohibited.

6) You are entirely liable for any damages or consequences that we face directly or indirectly due to any unapproved activities led by you. It may provoke to criminal liability.

7) We can provide various public disclosure tools on our site. It includes blog posts, public chat, messages boards, forums, newsgroups, product reviews, or ratings. You acknowledge that we usually do not offer any pre-screen or monitor the content posted by various users. It means if you prefer our tools to post any kind of content on our Website, you have to use our Website ethically. On using our open communication tool, you agree that you will not post contents that are :- A) Illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, degrading, racist, invasive, the content should not harm any community, religion, sex, or caste. B) You also agree that you will not upload contents that infringe on any copyright, trade secret, patent, and proprietary rights of any party. C) You will also not upload any content that has any unauthorized advertising. D) Your content should also not impersonate any person, entity, or representatives.

8) Soffnn does not imply any responsibility for contents posted by any third party users. However, any content posted by you that does not violate any above infringes becomes Soffnn's property. So, it gives us a worldwide royalty-free license to reproduce, modify, translate, or publish.

9) You need to compensate for any damages, expenses, and costs, including the attorney fees resulting from a violation of user agreement.

Privacy :-

The client's privacy is essential for Soffnn. That is why we have made a separate policy. It explains the details of how we collect, manage, process, and store private information. Soffnn's privacy policy is included under the user agreement.

Conditions of guarantee :-

if you are handling our Website, you admit that all the sources that we provide are as it is. That means we do not provide any warranties for any resources.

Limitation of liability :-

With this, you understand that you will be limited to the amount you pay. Soffnn is not liable for direct or indirect damages created due to using our resources.

Copyrights :-

All contents on Soffnn are the intellectual property of Soffnn Pvt Ltd. Any inappropriate use is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by Soffnn Pvt Ltd.

Termination of use :-

You agree that we may terminate your access to all or the parts of our Website with or without notice.

Governing Law :-

Soffnn Pvt Ltd controls this Website. It is accessible in any part of the world. Its country may have its own law, but you agree that the Soffnn place's laws will apply to all the matters related to the use of this Website. Any unethical use or conflict will enforce you to the state courts located Soffnn place.

Cancellation and refund :-

You agree that cancellation is not possible once you make the payment. No refunds shall be provided except for the cancellation done by Soffnn.

Guarantee :-

Soffnn does not provide any kind of guarantee for any kind of resource.